Shadwells Pool




Shadwells pool is situated in Barnes, South West London. It is set in an area designated for outdoor sports, particularly Athletics and football, although it remains a very peaceful environment. 

The water is an old established Estate lake of about 1 ½ Acres in size and surrounded by trees and woodland. It has depths of up to 5 feet with a mainly silty bottom. There are 23 swims on the main lake and a further 22 swims on the extension, there are also a selection of swims available for the disabled angler with parking and easy access directly outside dedicated swims. Disabled anglers will be given a key when they join together with a club members disabled badge which must be displayed in there car windscreen.  

Shadwells is a mixed fishery and contains a good head of fish, with some nice Carp present to around the 25 lb+ mark. This water also contains some good size Roach, Tench, Bream and Perch.

Shadwells Pool is open for fishing from 1st March to 30th November inclusive. The water is patrolled by BMAPS bailiffs who will be on hand to offer advice on productive swims, tactics or any other queries you may have.  


This venue is a member's only water







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